Successful gardeners and landscapers have long known that ‘healthy soils will grow healthy plants’.

A healthy soil has good: aeration, organic material and populations of beneficial microorganisms. Applying good compost is the best way to restore and maintain soil health. Healthy soils enable trees, shrubs and lawns growing in them to have less disease, pest and weed issues. Too few of our urban soils would qualify as healthy soils.

Part of the problem is that modern building practices and heavy equipment cause soil compaction. Most urban soils don’t ‘breathe’ well. Air spaces and the amount of oxygen in the soil, which are needed for healthy root development, are squeezed out. Also, these compacted soils cause more water runoff.

They can’t absorb and hold as much water. Soil compaction favors an increase of plant diseases, pests and weeds. However, healthy soils actually suppress, limit and mitigate these problems. Compost acts as nature’s aerator. Timely applications of good compost will cause observable ‘loosening’ of compacted soils. This then allows trees, shrubs and lawns to become healthier and as a result to look better.

Now sandy soils don’t compact like denser soils. The problem with sandy soils is that they don’t hold water and nutrients well. Water and nutrients quickly leach down below the plants root zone. Organic material in soil is like a natural sponge, it absorbs and holds water. Organic material also maximizes the uptake of nutrients from the soil into plant roots. Compost is mostly organic matter. Good compost will provide complete nutrition to landscape plants and lawns with out any fear of ‘burning’. This is because of the lower salt index of good compost, unlike ‘man made’ fertilizers. Also, the nutrition from compost is less prone to leaching out since it is not so much water released. It is rather released as a byproduct of the population growth of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil as they grow, decompose the organic mater, and multiply and die with the passing of the growing season.

Landscape plants, including lawns, need different levels of nutrition as the growing season moves along. Nothing provides these various levels of nutrition better than a soil enriched by good compost. Timely applications of good compost to your landscape / garden will allow natures nutritional processes to restore and maintain the health of the plants growing there. It gives them the best conditions to overcome the stresses of poor urban soils and plant diseases and pests. Applying compost creates a healthy soil by naturally increasing: aeration, organic material and populations of beneficial microorganisms.
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