Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic insect, native to Asia, that attacks ash trees. The EAB can feed undetected under the bark of ash trees, disrupting the water and nutrient flow.

This will ultimately kill the tree in three to four years. First discovered in Detroit, Michigan in 2002, the EAB is responsible for the death or damage of over 50 million ash trees. The ash tree lacks a defense against this pest. Once an ash is attacked, it will die, regardless how healthy it is.

When To Treat

If the EAB is reported in your area, do not wait for visible dieback in the canopy before you make the decision to have your ash trees protected. There is a significant delay between disruption to the vascular tissues and obvious expression of symptoms in the canopy.  Delaying treatment could result in tree loss or canopy dieback.

What Treatment Is Used

The chemical we use is TREE-age  insecticide, a Restricted Use Pesticide, that can only be sold to and applied by a licensed certified applicator. It is carefully applied directly into the bark of the tree so that the chemical can be taken up by the tree and not leeched into the surrounding area.

What Can Be Expected After Treatment

Your ash tree will be protected from the EAB for two years.